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Senior Pastor Sabbitcal 2022

What is a sabbatical?

The word "sabbatical" has its roots in the Bibilcal concept of Sabbath, meanting to rest or to cease. It's an extended time designed for a pastoral leader to step away from teh day-to-day and refelct on their own current spiritual health and wellness, reestablish routines of health adn wellness, and deepen one's own relationship with God, all to better serve Eastridge Community Church.

Has Something Happened? Is everything okay?

In the history of Eastridge, a pastor's sabbatical normally occurs every seven years of ministry making 2017 the year for Tom's sabbatical. This sabbatical has been in the proces of planning and preparation since 2019 and was supposed to be executed in 2020 but God had other plans for Tom, Eastridge, and the world. Nothing has dramatically changed in Pastor Tom's life nor was this requested or forced upon Tom and his family. Instead, after 12 years of faithful service, we bleive this is a good time for nate to pause and rest, while we are not in a season of stress or crisis.

Its Not just vacation, its development

Taking time for a sabbatical is an normal occurence in pastoral ministry. To those in the business or service community, this may seem like an odd concept, but pastors are not CEOs. They are responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of the church at large, which requires taking tim away to make space for God to speak, and for the pastor to listen.

When Will he Be Away?

Pastor Tom will begin his sabbatical on Monday May 23 and return on Sunday August 7.

What happens on a sabbatical

What is happening at Eastridge while Pastor Tom is away?

The ministry of Eastridge Community Church has always been larger than any single pastor might accomplish. As such, the staff, leadership board, and dedicated volunteers will be sharing the responsibilities of Pastor Tom's work to ensure we continue to care for our members, regular attenders, visitors, and community.  

If you have a need during the sabbatical for which you would have reached out directly to Pastor Tom, contact or (218) 722-1545, and we will put you in contact with what you need.

What if I need Pastor Tom for something?

How can I support Eastridge and Pastor Tom?

Pastor Tom will be unavailable during the period of sabbatical, and it's requested that you do not contact him for work-related purposes.

The leadership board will keep Pastor Tom up-to-date on a few key areas that have been agreed upon by both parties, to assure that these vital areas are not overlooked even while on sabbatical. This list is extremely limited.

How can I support Tom and Eastridge while he is away?

  1. Remember, the church is bigger than the Pastor. Eastridge Community Church exists because the entire body is committed to following Christ together. You are just as important to that system as the pastor. 

  2. Lean in, not out. This may feel like a good time to take a break while Pastor Tom is out for the summer. Fight the urge to take a break from attending, giving, or volunteering. This can be a time that the church comes alive in its multiplicity of individuals, each caring and serving with their own giftedness, strengths, and abilities.

  3. Pray for your pastor. We know so many of our church attendees pray for our staff and their families and we are deeply grateful for that. Nothing provides the deep soul care that they each need to continue to serve than daily encounters with the living Christ. Pray Pastor Tom's time will lead to his own renewal, refreshment, and excitement for another season of leading Eastridge well into the future.



Our Lead Pastor Tom Asbury was born in Cincinnati Ohio and raised in a small town called Owensville, just east of the city. He earned his Bachelors of Science from Miami University (Ohio) and a Masters of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary. Ordained in 2008, he began at Eastridge Community Church in March 2010 and his family lives in the Chester Park neighborhood of Duluth. Tom is a college basketball fanatic, rooting for his hometown teams of Cincinnati, Xavier & Miami. Lindsey teaches Yoga all over Duluth and is big fan of 2 pump white mochas. 

Pastor Tom, his wife Lindsey, kids Isabella, Blake and Gideon are passionate about community and living the life that Jesus has called us to live. You'll see this expressed on Sunday through a casual environment filled with humor, joy and passion about changing the world for Jesus. 

Above all, Tom and Lindsey want your faith to be real. The messages on Sunday focus on how to apply your faith to your daily life. We hope that when you come to Church on Sundays, you laugh, think, enjoy your faith and leave a little bit different then you came. 

​Thanks for checking us out!